The Food Assembly comes to Newcastle

A new way of buying food is coming to Newcastle. As seen on the BBC and in The Guardian, The Food Assembly is a local initiative that brings people together to buy fresh food directly from local farmers and food producers. Every week Food Assembly customers in Newcastle can order food from suppliers online before picking it up at a local venue. The food comes from an average distance of 28 miles, compared to the 600 miles you find with food in the supermarket.

Community is at the very heart of The Food Assembly – it connects neighbours to farmers, neighbours to each other, and everyone to their food. By choosing to buy local, shoppers can support the economy of Newcastle, as for every £1 spent through Newcastle Food Assembly, 90p stays in the area. It also ensures your money reaches the right people; food producers keep over 80% of sales for every product sold, compared to just 20 – 40% through supermarkets. There is also the added benefit of less food waste as all the food is ordered in advance.

Using their iPhone app or laptop, weekly shoppers can choose from unique local products such as artisan bread, cold-pressed juice, and delicious jams. There will also be plenty of fresh local vegetables and cheeses on offer too.

The Newcastle Assembly is organised by Francesca, who loves to share her passion with others. “I’m very excited for the idea to grow within the wider community. The Food Assembly project has been a huge success all across the UK and yet hasn’t come to the North East. To enable people to have a relationship with their food producers and start caring even more about their food roots is excellent and I believe the project is going to have a hugely positive impact.” Francesca is also keen to hear from artisan producers who would like their food to be offered as part of the Assembly.

The Newcastle Assembly intends to launch within the next 12 weeks at ‘Simply Cheesecake & Friends’ on Dean Street. Locals can meet farmers, food makers and their neighbours, taste local food samples and see where their food comes from. Registration has already begun and you can find out more on The Food Assembly Facebook page here.

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  1. Nyomi

    Sounds great, sign me up!

  2. Rachel Davies

    Can you please sign me up

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      Hi Rachel, more information about signing up can be found on The Food Assembly Newcastle’s Facebook page which I’ve linked to in the post.


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