Quorn Launches Vegan Deli Line

It was great to hear that Quorn had launched a meat-free deli line suitable for vegans, bringing another major product into the marketplace promoting the cruelty-free alternative. Historically they had a range of deli style slices that are vegetarian, so this was big news in the vegan community.

The two products – Chicken Free Slices and Smoky Ham Free Slices – will be winging their way to supermarket shelves across the country in due course. I picked mine up from Sainsbury’s on the Team Valley to try out. Having not been overly keen on Violife’s chicken alternative launched last year (which you can read about here) I really wanted Quorn’s mainstream offering to be far superior to show how easy veganism is and what little compromise is needed to make the switch.

We noticed on social media complaints about Quorn’s products not being clear enough as to whether they are vegetarian or vegan. I feel the labelling is prominent on packs and have not bought a non-vegan product ‘accidentally’ from the brand. That said, it is worth checking the ingredients listed on the back of any packaging to ensure something doesn’t contain dairy and/or eggs to be on the safe side. I don’t think this can be said of the deli slices, as you can see above.

First up was the fake chicken, which smelled like roast chicken crisps. The texture was very similar to processed chicken slices, but the taste was surprisingly good. I felt this was the disappointing part of Violife’s version, which didn’t really taste of anything. Because of how Quorn products are manufactured those who are gluten-free and vegan can also enjoy these new products.The Smoked Ham Slices reminded me of German or Bologna style sausage in terms of flavour and texture. I have to say I’m not as keen on these as I am on the chicken, but this is just a preference as I never liked ham that much even when I ate meat. There wasn’t an overpowering smell when the packet was opened in the way there is with meat products and some vegan substitutes, although I felt the aftertaste was a little garlicky.

These slices are great for a speedy lunch and are a good alternative for those watching what they eat as they are low in saturated fat. Retailing at £2 for a packet, which has an average of 8 slices, they aren’t too expensive for a substitute either. I look forward to seeing more vegan alternatives joining the Quorn brand soon.

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