Review – Bar Loco, Newcastle

I’ll openly admit I don’t know my home town as well as I think I do. For years I ate and drank in the same places, week in and out. I was quite comfortable with what I knew, and I was more than happy to be blithely ignorant of the alternatives. The following blog will probably shock those who believe I only eat in ‘fancy’ places. I risk food in the canteen on a day to day basis for a start, and they’ll not be getting a Michelin star anytime soon 🙂 (If you’re reading this, please don’t spit on my bacon sandwich!)
One evening, not long after we started to date, Him Indoors suggested we visit somewhere he loved to go for food. It was very late, and I was surprised a bar would still be serving at that time. I wasn’t optimistic, but remembered that relationships are all about compromise! The place was Bar Loco, and I had wandered past many times but not given it a second glance.
On this particular Thursday evening we were with another couple, and we all ordered food. It was around 10pm, and we discovered everything we wanted had sold out. We  chose alternatives, and the barman returned 10 minutes later to tell us there were problems with those too. By the time the food arrived I was starving and wolfed it down, but told Him Indoors he was banned from making restaurant suggestions in the future! The pizzas we ate were good, problems aside. I just wasn’t keen to return for what I felt was poor customer service.
Having visited St. James’ Park on Saturday to watch Newcastle play with the family I volunteered myself for another trip. It is close to the ground, and I figured El Coto and other more preferable options would be fully booked by this time. Raf was certainly shocked by my about-turn! I thought I’d held the monopoly of late on restaurant choices and it was becoming unfair. 
We arrived at 7:30pm and the bar was packed with supporters. There were some kids in too. I loitered upstairs in the hope of grabbing a table while he ordered drinks at the bar downstairs, and rather fortuitously a couple decided to leave quite soon afterwards. Raf decided he was going to have his favourite- the ultimate chicken burger- while I went for the regular Bar Loco burger. 
The menu is filled with the standard pub fare: burgers, nachos, platters. They have a fairly comprehensive list of pizza and pasta, which is what we’d had historically. The nachos seemed popular with other diners, which made me wish I had ordered some! The interior is an eclectic mix of furniture and very boho in vibe. Nothing matches and there’s an interesting mix of Art on the walls.

I felt my burger was average, but having eaten in places like Fat Hippo and Almost Famous means I have high expectations when it comes to meat. 
I tried his, which reminded me of a Chicken Milanese (or Numero Cinque, as I know it) from Pani’s. It was really good, although I felt the garlic mayo was the overriding after taste. Him Indoors definitely had the better meal! He ordered the large option, which was too much for him. He ate it all though, with a little help.
This time I felt the experience was better overall, but it didn’t wow me. We left before the entertainment started, which  features on certain nights of the week. It seems very laid back and artsy, which is why Him Indoors likes it so much. As somewhere to pop into after the match or work it is a cheap and cheerful option, but I have other venues Raf still needs to visit that will take precedent in future.
Thanks for reading,
Pip x


  1. Lee Burns

    Bar Loco is a great place. Decent food, good beer, good wines, darts board, great live music, friendly staff- it does everything!

  2. Emma Phillips

    Burger was a bit meh. Really want to get the nachos next time we visit.


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