Sainsbury’s Doughnuts – Accidentally Vegan?

I think I should launch a new feature on the blog called ‘Vegan Doughnuts’! It hasn’t been a big aim of mine to discover where to find doughnuts that are both egg and dairy free, it has just sort of happened recently it seems.

When doing the ‘big shop’ in Sainsbury’s this week I decided to have a wander to the in-store bakery. There’d been some chatter on social media – much like the scenario with Morrisons – around whether their doughnuts were suitable on account there was no allergen information on the packaging. This caused a bit of consternation, especially when it was pointed out that on the pack it clearly states to ask a member of the bakery team. I decided to do just that!

Between three members of the team I was told conflicting information, especially in relation to the custard variety. They were trying to be helpful but I think more training is needed when working with food as to what a vegan is. I was told point blank the custard version would not be suitable as custard ‘is always made with eggs and milk’. Wrong! I asked to see the folder instead.

Sure enough the folder gave me a list of the ingredients with allergens highlighted. There was a warning about manufacturing methods in relation to those with sensitivities but it seemed to me that the issue was finally resolved. My Sainsbury’s had vegan doughnuts on offer! Above is for the 6 Vanilla Custard Doughnuts and below is the Jam variety. The Sainsbury’s website displays a different ingredient list so I suggest checking in-store before ordering. It is possible the site is showing an old list.

I couldn’t find out all of this and not try the blighters out, so I’m blaming this blog for the fact I’ve got a nice little tyre developing just in time for Winter. Good job there’s no holiday planned!

5 retail for 65p which makes them the most expensive thus far from our ‘Supermarket Sweep’ (both Morrisons and the Co-op work out at 50p per pack).

These were full of a syrupy jam which had a synthetic taste to it. The amount of filling seemed to vary wildly from doughnut to doughnut which was annoying. I think each mouthful should have a good ratio of dough to jam and the balance here was off. 

The Vanilla Custard were my favourite by far out of the three Supermarket brands. There wasn’t too much sugar and the doughnut itself was just right. I did find they became greasy after a day but I’d  expect this from an in-store bakery. I don’t think they expect them to last that long and even in this house we don’t polish food off that quickly!

Like with anything I’d always check as recipes can be subject to change – especially from store to store – but it’s great to see this allergen information is available on request. It is just the two varieties I’ve seen so far. I’m sorry if this scuppers anyone else’s diet 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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